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We know that shipping a vehicle can seem like a daunting task if you've never done it before. And even if you have done it before, it's always nice to know as much about the process as possible, so that you can feel secure about giving up the care of your vehicle to someone else. We've taken the questions most frequently asked by our clients and put them here for you with what we hope are helpful answers. If you don't see your questions answered below, just give us a call at (866) 824-8068 or send us an EMAIL: We're happy to help!

How does the whole vehicle shipping process work?

Once we've received your order, we contact one of the over 1,500 carriers we can use to ship your car, and negotiate to put your car on one of their trucks. Once we have it scheduled on a carrier, we charge your credit card for the deposit and contact you by phone or email (your preference) to let you know that your load has been dispatched. We will give you an estimated pickup date at that time. We will fine-tune that date and the time of pickup as the carrier gets closer to your pickup location. When the driver arrives to pick up your vehicle, you do an inspection of your vehicle with the driver and note any pre-existing damage on the Bill of Lading. The vehicle goes on the truck and heads to its destination. You can contact us during transport to get updates on the status of your vehicle, and we will email you its location periodically as well. You also have the ability to track your order and get the location anytime you like. When the driver gets within a day of arriving at the destination, he will contact you directly to coordinate the drop off. When the vehicle arrives, you or your agent do another inspection of the vehicle to ensure that no damage has been done. In the unlikely event any damage has occurred, it is noted on the Bill of Lading at that time and the driver will give you information on how to file a claim. We will follow up after we have been notified that your vehicle has arrived to close out your file and assist you in any way necessary. You may go to our online survey to let us know how we did for you by clicking HERE.

What is the difference between an open and an enclosed carrier?

An open carrier is the kind you've seen on the highway with cars stacked on two levels; these are the kind car dealers typically use to take delivery of their new cars. Enclosed carriers are usually used for antique or high value cars because they provide protection from the elements and flying debris on the road. Because they provide so much more protection and because they carry fewer cars, enclosed carriers are more costly.

How far in advance should I schedule my vehicle shipment?

As soon as possible. If you want to schedule months in advance, we can take care of that for you. If you only have days, we can handle that too. We work best when we have more time to find you a space on a carrier though, and it could cost you a bit more if give us less than a few days' notice.

How long will it take to ship my car?

The time it takes to ship your vehicle is dependent on many factors including the time of year (better weather means faster transport), the proximity of the pick up and drop off points to major transport routes (the closer a vehicle is to a large city, the faster the shipment tends to be), the amount paid for the shipment (a higher price sometimes means more carriers will be willing to take the vehicle and therefore provide faster transport), and the carrier's dispatch schedule (if your vehicle is the first one on the carrier, the delivery time will be longer). When we contract with a carrier to pick up your vehicle, we will give you an estimated date of pick up and drop off so you can do some planning; but keep in mind that all dates are estimates. We cannot guarantee specific dates for the reasons mentioned above. On average, East Coast to West Coast transports can take up to two weeks, and North to South routes can take a week to ten days.

Can I do anything to ship my vehicle faster?

Yes. You can pay for expedited shipping. We will put your vehicle out to our carriers with this additional financial incentive on the condition that they expedite your pickup and delivery. If we cannot find a carrier able to provide this to you, we will not charge you for that service, but we will still find a carrier to move your vehicle at the regular rate.

How will I know when the driver will be there to pick my car up and to drop it off?

We will call you or email you (your preference) to keep you updated as the driver gets closer.Once you have placed your order you will be given login information to track your order from start to finish. Also, the driver will contact you by phone to coordinate with you directly at least 24 hours before arrival.

What if I'm not there when the driver arrives with my vehicle?

The driver will be in contact with you 24 hours or more to arrange to meet you or your designated agent to drop off the car. If something happens and you are not available when the driver arrives, and the driver is not able to reach you by phone, the driver will either come back later or place your car in storage nearby. To retrieve your car from storage you will be required to pay the shipping fee due to the carrier plus a $50 surcharge and the storage fees due to the storage facility. Our drivers will make every effort to avoid storing a vehicle. The best way to avoid this very rare circumstance is to designate an alternate person who can take possession of your vehicle and pay the shipping costs on your behalf if something happens to you.

Where do you keep my vehicle after it's picked up?

We do not use depots or lots to store your vehicle after the driver takes possession of it. Once it goes on the carrier, it stays on the carrier until it reaches its destination (unless it must be moved for a brief period to offload another vehicle). Some of our carriers drive in teams and only stop for fuel and quick rests, and others stop overnight in designated truck parking areas.

Where will my car be picked up and delivered?

Our drivers make every effort to pick up and deliver door to door; however if the pickup or delivery location is too difficult for the large carrier to maneuver in or if local laws or regulations prohibit the carrier from getting to your door, the driver will coordinate with you to find a nearby alternative location such as a large shopping mall or other large parking lot area. If you think there may be problems for the driver to deliver to your door, please locate an alternate drop-off location well in advance of the driver arriving to your town.

What should I do to get my car ready for shipping?

Make sure there is only 1/4 tank of gas in the tank, remove all personal belongings, remove all racks, antennas or electronic devices, fix any chipped or cracked windows or torn convertible roofs, and prepare the car for all weather conditions. Click HERE for a more complete checklist you may use to prepare your vehicle for transport.

What insurance is included in the price for shipping?

The carrier will have at a minimum $250,000 of coverage, If you have any damages or concerns about your vehicle, we want to hear about it right away.

Who pays for any damage to my vehicle?

In the unlikely event your vehicle is damaged, all claims for damages must be placed through the carrier's (driver's) insurance company. The carrier is entirely responsible for the physical condition of your vehicle. Make sure that any damage to the vehicle is noted at the time of delivery on the Condition Report of the Bill of Lading. You will not be able to file a claim for damage not noted on the Bill of Lading. If you need assistance in dealing with a carrier for a claim, please contact us . While we have no control over the carrier, its insurance coverage, or its claims, we will give you the carrier's insurance information upon request and do what we can to help you

Why should I use Best Auto Hauler to ship my car?

We are completely focused on making you happy and satisfied with our services. We are a woman veteran owned company, proud to be 100% located and run within the USA. You can trust us to take care of your vehicle and to stand behind you throughout the process of moving your vehicle. There are no gimmicks or hidden fees in our quotes. Call us any time to get the straight scoop on anything involving your vehicle transport. We are not here to take advantage of anyone or to disparage the competition. We quote a fair price for excellent, top-notch service, and we make sure to always treat our clients like family. We're grateful to our wonderful clients because we know that without them, we wouldn't be here! Give us just one chance to show you what we can do for you, and you won't go anywhere else ever again…you'll be that impressed.

What is the Best Price GuaranteeTM?

It is our promise to you that if you receive a written quote from one of our competitors for a lower price than we've quoted, we'll either meet that price or take the time to explain to you why we can't, guaranteed. Most frequently, the reason why we cannot meet a competitor quote is because we reasonably believe, based on our industry knowledge and current market conditions, that no properly qualified carrier will be willing to transport your vehicle for that price, which means your vehicle will either never be picked up for transport or will be picked up by a less-qualified carrier. While we want to save our clients as much money as possible, the quality of service you receive is equally important.

Why should i use a broker?

A common questions is, "Can't I arrange transport directly with an auto shipping or car transport trucking company directly?" There is usually no difference between the rates quoted by a Broker and those of a carrier. Most carriers travel very specific routes and may not be able to accommodate your pickup point, destination, or schedule. Many people aren't aware that if the carrier they choose is unable to service their requirements, that carrier may broker the transportation to a different transport company anyway. As a Bonded Broker (ICC/MC-), we deal with a large network of auto shipping and car transport companies who service many different routes. We deal only with reputable carriers who are properly licensed and insured, and we act as the liaison between the carrier and you, the customer. We have a well established base of trucks providing quality service to assure you a worry free move.

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Best Auto Haulers is a auto transport brokerage website, which means we work directly with you on everything concerning your auto transport needs.

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